Women's Wear

What we wear is more than just material sewn together to protect us, our clothes are a signifier of our identity and culture. So it’s no surprise that over the centuries, communities have used clothing as a means to communicate status, celebrate important events and show unity among many more things. Here I explore traditional clothing from around the world that’s still worn, finding out the history behind particular garments and the craft that goes into them. 

Shestly boutique hence focuses on blending tradition with fashion and style and to design outfits for all aged groups. My main focus is to design outfits that you could style and wear multiple times as different combos, also each outfit is handpicked, designed by me, so i make sure you feel that luxury when you wear Shestly Boutique exclusive outfits with no compromise on quality and style.

You can choose an outfit that suits you best from the varieties of clothing we have.